Oracle Cloud Day 2016 round up

Latest Thinking / November 24, 2016

Oracle Cloud Day 2016

Dublin’s Convention Centre – November 15th


The event kicked off with an introduction from Oracle’s Regional Director John Donnelly, who acted as MC throughout the day for the guest speakers.




Highlights of the day included:


With a lot of content to get through, the first keynote speaker Ian Broughton was welcomed to the stage. Ian’s presentation focused on the future of the data-driven and insights-driven companies. With less than 5% of organisations knowing the value of their data, there is huge potential to move towards being a data driven business utilising the information for both their own and their customers’ benefit.


john-and-richard-nobleNext to take the stage was the legendary Richard Noble OBE who was holder of the land speed record between 1983 and 1997. He was also the project director of ThrustSSC, the vehicle which holds the current land speed record. He highlighted the importance of data in The Bloodhound Project, where his team will attempt to set a new World Land Speed Record of 1000mph! An incredible story.


john-speakingAfter the coffee break, it was time for the first of the customer speakers to take to the stage. DNM have been working with Dublin Fire Brigade for the last few years assisting with their Digital Transformation – enabling data driven decisions in a per second response. John Lynch’s presentation was focused on how Analytics is saving lives. View video here.



Brendan Woods, Group Head of Systems Delivery in the Almac Group spoke about how his team are focused on identifying and delivering innovations and solutions based on Big Data, IoT and Cloud to ultimately improve human health.



In the afternoon, there were two set of talks: Cloud PaaS & IaaS and Cloud Infrastructure.


Jon Tucker from Oracle spoke about the news included on Oracle DB 12.2. One of the most interesting ones is the extended set of PDB operations that allows a customer to move data from On Premise to the Cloud in no time. He also mentioned that Oracle is very focused on becoming the Cloud leader, as 12.2 is being released first on the cloud and will not be available on premise until later next year.

Another interesting presentation was regarding Generation2 IaaS offering. This is Oracle’s rethinking of their Infrastructure as a Service strategy. Its main target will be running mission critical types of applications which are not yet running on IaaS. Their new offering includes bare-metal servers, object storage, block storage and virtual machines. Their pricing looks to be 20% lower than Amazon’s offerings too!

enrique-2Another interesting product that Oracle showed was the Oracle Cloud Machine. This machine is targeted at customers who want governance and control of their business, without losing the innovation and benefit from operational efficiency that Oracle Cloud offers (as they will manage deployments on the Cloud Machine remotely). On their first release, it includes Infrastructure, Java and Integration Cloud Services, but more are yet to come.
enrique-3One more update was the rise of the Hybrid Cloud and how Oracle is tackling it. Imagine having some of your data in the cloud and some of your data on premise. This allows users to be flexible on how they want to allocate it. Now users can do that with Oracle Hybrid Cloud Management.

enrique-4One last item worth mentioning, was the presentation about Oracle Cloud security. Security is now better than ever in the cloud since Oracle provides the following:

Customer and Oracle Security Responsibilities
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security
Shared Identity and Access Management Security
Server Specify Security

There is a very interesting whitepaper to understand these items in more detail here.