Optimising AWS for YOUR business

News and Events / July 19, 2016

Is AWS working hard enough for your business?

“By having DNM manage and optimise our cloud operations, through continuous improvement we have just shaved 22% off our monthly AWS costs” 

Rory Moran, Zamano

With more and more customers moving to the AWS cloud, there is a larger requirement for partners to provide a streamlined approach to deploy workloads, and the secure and efficient management of these workloads within the AWS environment. DNM are providing a more simplified and consumer-centric service for our customers, providing them with actionable insights in terms of the operation and security of their AWS workloads.

Our services range from monitoring the customer’s environment, to the running of comprehensive monthly AWS cloud infrastructure audits. These audits can provide details and recommendations in terms of cloud usage or security violations, tailored to your business needs, which in turn makes AWS work harder for you.

AWS graphic

We are always looking for innovative ways to add business value to our customers through a unique combination of tools and expertise. Businesses are coming to us for guidance and best practices to enable availability, scalability and security of their production workloads. We offer them operational and security insights that is cutting their costs of up to 30-40%.

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