Google Cloud Platform – our two cents

Latest Thinking / October 15, 2017

Rory, one of our AWS Solutions Architects recently attended the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) event in Croke Park, Dublin. This event, called ‘Cloud OnBoard’, was a full-day instructor-led enablement and training event that aimed to provide a step-by-step technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As part of our Latest Thinking series, we encourage team members to attend training days and expand their knowledge on subjects that interest them. Here is Rory’s account of the day at GAA HQ.

Written by Rory Fogarty


The Google Cloud Platform has some great features, and as far as I could see, DNM would be able to do nearly everything we currently do on AWS with it in theory (including our way of deliverable code through CloudFormation, Git/BitBucket etc.) However, it seems to me that they are playing catch up in some areas.

I found it interesting that at the event they were incredibly keen on showing that they can do everything that AWS/Azure can do. I had thought they were going to go for a more specialised approach; for instance, they probably have the edge in Machine Learning, GPU based compute loads and one or two other areas. But they are aiming to be as comprehensive a platform provider as anyone else is.

From an infrastructure point of view, StackDriver – a monitoring, logging and diagnostics tool looked really great. It is cross platform, and logically consolidates alerting/events, log analysis and debugging –

So stand outs for me were:


StackDriver as mentioned, but their console is very well organised and has great features that would make the lives of the support-desk much easier (inbuilt CLI and great ways to access instances), as well as in-built Git repositories which are also integrated with StackDriver

GPU options for instances; if a customer required hefty GPU loads, GCP might be for them


They boast an incredibly fast internal fibre network which they believe beats everyone on latency for storage I/O

Data analytics

Google’s BigQuery looks like a very interesting alternative to Amazon Redshift – massively high performance on a full managed platform

All around, it was a very informative day and I really enjoyed looking at their platform. There were lots of other great little features, particularly in the compute/EC2 area – but you can see the Google Cloud Platform does not have the same depth in their catalogue of services yet as AWS/Azure.