Sunday Business Post – Meeting the GDPR challenge

Latest Thinking / December 08, 2017






We were delighted to be featured in The Sunday Business Post’s GDPR article, in which our very own Richard Nunan was interviewed on how companies can rise to the GDPR challenge. He happily divulged some helpful hints and tips on what needs to be done before the big date.

It’s clear to all that GDPR is the big buzzword doing the rounds at the moment, but with a proactive attitude and a Data Breach Management Plan in place, DNM are confident that companies can be ready for May 25th 2018.

In the article, Richard lays out the 5 steps that companies can take to ensure they are GDPR compliant.

  1. Be proactive not reactive
  2. Review your data processes and agreements to make sure they comply with Article 28 or find yourself a certified processor
  3. Understand the rights of data subjects by having policies and procedures in place so you know the data you store
  4. Develop a system which allows early detection and the deployment of a response team
  5. Ensure you have a data breach management plan in place

As a certified Data Processor, we are having GDPR conversations everyday with our customers, and would be delighted to help others on their journeys too.

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