AWS Summit London 2019 round-up!

News and Events / May 22, 2019

José, from our Cloud team, recently made the trip to London’s ExCel conference centre to attend the AWS Summit. These Summits are all about showcasing the latest and greatest that AWS has to offer and are focused on educating the eager attendees. Here is his summary of the day.

 Written by – José Todea

May the 8th marked another milestone on DNM’s contribution with the AWS cloud, once again we attended the annual London summit, and this time as sponsors!


There’s always a common denominator in these events, lots of people gather together to be part of the biggest AWS event in the UK with 12k+ attendees, over 60 technical sessions and 98 sponsoring APN partners including DNM as an AWS Premier Partner and AWS Well-Architected Partner.


With so much going on, it was difficult to attend everything, but here are some of the highlights from the event:

Keynote Session

The Keynote Speaker for AWS Summit London 2019 was AWS Compute VP Matt Garman, with the focus on how to make machine learning more approachable a usable. As part of the keynote, some of the biggest AWS customers in the UK discussed the impact that AWS services have had on their businesses. From a DNM perspective, it was great to see 2 of our key customers PaddyPower Betfair and Ryanair included in the keynote presentation, who both spoke in the breakout sessions later on that day.

The first success story of the day was Sainsbury’s outlining the importance of AWS on their journey from a simple retailer into one of the biggest online stores in the UK using over 86 different AWS services to improve productivity and customer service in every area of the business. They highlighted the benefits of working with AWS leading technologies and showed what a major impact machine learning is having on modern industry.


After Sainsbury’s, it was the time of the Ministry of Justice, who spoke about the work of the Government Digital Services (GDS) and how the government is now a huge user of the cloud adopting new technologies to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of the services it provides to British citizens. Tom Read gave an informative session on their platform, and the importance of having a secure reliable platform to serve people at a sensitive time in their lives.

The Keynote also focused on two AWS programs, AWS re:Start gives resources and training to young people and military veterans to learn about the cloud and AWS GetIT which is a new initiative which main goal is to encourage more girls to consider careers in technology.

Listen to the full keynote session here. (


With more than 50 Breakout Sessions to choose from, it was really difficult to choose between them, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Building a modern data platform on AWS: Sabel Huerga Ayza, Senior Technical Account Manager at AWS kicked off this session by outlining the importance of avoiding a data swamp. Pleasantly for us, their use case for data modernization was one of our customers Paddy Power Betfair. The journey was introduced by Stephen Cochrane, Director of Data at PaddyPower Betfair, outlining the business benefits of AWS to transform their Data capability. This was followed up by Oana who did a technical deep dive showing how working with the product teams in AWS enabled them to use the advanced features for Redshift & Redshift spectrum. A great success story on how the adoption of AWS services for analytics over the last few years has helped the business grow focusing on automation, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Autoscaling your Kubernetes workloads: Jason Yee, Technical Evangelist at DataDog showed us how scaling microservices on Kubernetes works using metric based horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA) and how it allows dynamically adding new containers in real time.
  • A few milliseconds in the life of an http request: Chanka Perera, Solutions Architect at AWS described everything that could happened in just a few milliseconds and how AWS can help us manage it in an effective way. A complete deep dive into AWS Edge services including CloudFront, Route 53, Shield and WAF including the Ryanair Labs experience and successful migration from a classic web infrastructure into a serverless website using Cloudfront, Lambda Edge and S3, focusing on the interfaces and not managing servers and how implementing of micro pages reduced the complexity of the website, allowing multiple cloudfront behaviors to route the requests to the correct asset.
  • Are you Well-Architected? Philip Fitzsimons, Senior Manager Well-Architected at AWS outlined all the best practices of the Well-Architected framework and how to identified what the risks in your architectures might be? Focusing on Well-architected framework for continuous improvement, based on the AWS pillars, following best practices and keeping your architecture align with the latest and greatest standards and AWS services.
  • Deep Dive on Serverless: Danilo Poccia, Principal Evangelist at AWS, gave a great overview of serverless functions, from the basics of building Lambdas to the unique features only present in AWS (i.e. layers).

As always with these kinds of conferences, getting to spend the day surrounded by AWS gurus and partners is a great experience and even with a full agenda of technical sessions, you still have plenty to do if you find yourself with a spare moment, from an escape room to racing cars and even colouring skateboards, there was never a dull moment!