Transforming the healthcare experience


Wellola believe only the sickest of the sick should be hospitalised and that the future of healthcare is preventative, community-based and supported by digital tools. Their innovative technology is designed to be an easy-to-use care enabler for all providers, from sole traders to Hospital Trusts.

Online & App-based, we combine practice management software with a free patient app. Our patient-facing portal not only reduces correspondence & no-show costs, it also future-proofs your clinic with a secure infrastructure to offer telecare when your patients need it.

Wellola are transforming the healthcare experience via scheduling for in-person or video-consultation care, secure messaging, digital letters, all backed up by record-keeping and payment facilities.

The Challenge

Wellola provide a hosted SaaS service for clinics (focusing on health and mental health in particular) that allow them to manage client interactions including video consultations, secure messaging and face-to-face scheduling services through both browser based and mobile application interfaces.

The business is growing, and they are now starting to engage with larger organisations including government health providers, however, to succeed with these customers and continue to grow, Wellola must be able to demonstrate an enterprise class solution that complies with regulatory standards and data protection legislation.  A key selling point for their solution is how it helps address GDPR concerns as it provides a single, properly managed means for Wellola customers to interact with their clients and avoids issues that may arise with using SMS, email etc.

The Wellola platform is delivered using AWS cloud hosted systems with a mix of both single and multitenant instances with EC2 as the primary service used. Wellola understand how AWS provides a hosting service that meets the highest security and data protection standards, but to deliver their solution and their application, its use of AWS services and the management procedures and processes that surround it, must also meet the required standards. To achieve this, Wellola wanted to engage a certified AWS partner to provide direction, assistance and services to support their team in evolving and operating their platform.  

The Solution 

DNM worked with the Wellola team to complete a platform review focusing on the business services and technical decisions that they needed to make as part of the SaaS transformation. Using the AWS SaaS enablement framework (SEF) DNM provided input and direction on the security and organisational design, tenant isolation and tenant on-boarding approach that would allow Wellola to achieve their goals. The approach looked in depth at all business interfaces, client – mobile application, clinician – web browser, clinic reception/admin – web browser and business service API’s.

To ensure that the solution was designed and built in accordance with best practice, DNM leveraged the Well-Architected framework and guided the Wellola team through an analysis and design workshop on how to better use AWS services to achieve reliability, security, operational excellence, performance and cost efficiency for their SaaS solution. This enabled us to derive a conceptual architecture for the proposed solution incorporating the key recommended improvements, a service model design and a solution that matched their complex security requirements.

“Wellola recognises the importance of clinical risk management, continual operational improvement through ongoing monitoring of activities and outcomes against defined project targets and goals. 

With regards our technological quality management system control, we have brought in the expertise of DNM, to support our design and monitor our services, DNM have been accredited as AWS Well-Architected Partners. This is in recognition of their deep AWS knowledge and hands-on experience in architecting, building, migrating, and optimising architectures that follow the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This also enables DNM to carry out Well-Architected Reviews of Wellola on behalf of AWS and our customers.

This collaboration also offers Wellola 24/7/365 third-party monitoring of our architecture that takes advantage of the latest statistical mechanisms and machine learning to provide a premium quality control & risk management service. As such, we can identify abnormal patterns of behaviour quickly and take the appropriate action, thanks to our heterogeneous monitoring and logging systems.”  Sonia Neary, Managing Director, Wellola

The Outcome

With only minor changes to the application, the team transformed the solution to a multi-AWS account architecture with increased deployment automation and enforcement of multiple security controls built on the AWS serverless platform that can be scaled to support single and multi-tenant configurations. This solution underpins the Technical and Organisational measures enabling Wellola to demonstrate compliance with best practices for both small and large customers.