SpenglerFox cut costs by 65% using AWS


SpenglerFox is a global Executive Search and Human Capital Solutions firm. They are specialists in finding talent for emerging markets and business critical roles. Their unique view of the world is both global and local, creating a new approach to finding and nurturing talent.

The challenge

DNM partnered with SpenglerFox to fulfill their requirement to create a new IT platform to support the growing business. This required the setting up of a new global ICT solution that would provide a secure data platform to enable data sharing, collaboration, and self-service IT for over 120 users in over 10 countries including Russia, UAE, Greece, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, Romania and Ireland. The platform needed to allow for the migration of their current back office and front office applications as well as be accessible by remote users globally across multiple time zones.

SpenglerFox required a partner who could:

  • Design a cost effective subscription based model that would meet their requirements.
  • Provide implementation and migration services for their back office and front office solutions.
  • Provide 24/7 management of the solution across their​ ​associated global locations in multiple timezones, with minimal use of any local IT support.

The first challenge was to understand the existing front office and back office applications as well as factor in SpenglerFox’s business plans and the impact this may have going forward.

The second challenge was for DNM to provide a targeted platform so that the front office and back office applications could be standardised . This platform had to be secure, easily scalable (up and down) and provide IT services for the secure remote connection of 120 users across 10 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Finally the solution had to be more cost effective than the existing solution and require zero investment around infrastructure or any other physical assets. It had to be self-sufficient and have an uptime of 99.99%.

The Solution

DNM chose to provide a multi-public cloud solution:

  • All infrastructure services were provided by Amazon Web Services, including the infrastructure for the desktop platform and back office applications.
  • Microsoft email, calendar and cloud SharePoint services were delivered using Microsoft Office 365.


Using Amazon Web Services DNM could take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, delivering enterprise class services beyond the reach of companies the size of SpenglerFox. This avoided the requirement to invest in physical assets (datacentres, equipment, networks) either locally or centrally thus eliminating the high costs associated with their management, and provided a service superior to any that could have been cost effectively delivered using a traditional physical infrastructure approach. The fact that the infrastructure can scale up or down to meet demand means the solution (and costs) closely align with the business requirements and will continue to do so into the future. Delivering the solution using a cloud platform, combined with DNMs managed services, allowed SpenglerFox to concentrate on their business without the headache of managing, operating and updating physical IT assets or the need for an internal IT team.

Security in emerging markets can be difficult but centralising the full solution (desktop, server, application, and services) in the cloud allowed for tight control of security, with easy authenticated access to services from any location with an internet connected device. AWS infrastructure on demand also allowed DNM to quickly ensure the new platform was up and running with no long lead times. Finally AWS provided the platform to create a bespoke, tailored solution dedicated to SpenglerFox.

AWS combined with Office 365 meant that the burden of the Microsoft collaboration suite operation, reliability and security could shift onto Microsoft thereby eliminating internal IT resource overheads. SpenglerFox can now access their front office applications which are core to their business from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone in any location. This had a large impact in terms of the IT control and efficiencies within the provision of global managed service of the solution cutting costs by over 65%.