AWS User Group at the Button Factory

Latest Thinking / April 29, 2016

On April 26th, we took part in the AWS User Group in the Button Factory in Dublin’s Temple Bar area. The User Group is a place to discuss and explore all things AWS. It’s a community of users, developers and business professionals meeting to share ideas and learn from each other and from leading figures in the AWS technology space.

Before the presentations began, we got a mini tour of the back stage and green room areas which was pretty cool:







From left: Richard Nunan (DNM) Martin Peters (DoneDeal) Nigel Creighton (DNM) Jason O’ Conaill (Infinity)












The Green Room!











Richard in his rock star chair backstage!




After messing around back stage, it was down to business! The evening kicked off with a presentation from Ronan Guilfoyle (AWS). Ronan first gave us a quick recap on the last 10 years of AWS and then moved onto the good stuff – the latest releases we can look forward to!

Ronan cropped









We asked one of our customers to speak about their latest project. DoneDeal and DNM collaborated on providing a big data analytics platform on AWS to provide the ability to respond to peaks and troughs in data and event volumes and utilise map reduce for data transformation and aggregation without persistent server resources.

In the session Martin Peters, BI Manager in DoneDeal, discussed their experience of analytics using big data services in AWS. He shared their real world experience of creating and running a solution using AWS Kinesis, spark on EMR, S3 data lakes and Redshift orchestrated with AWS datapipeline.
This was followed by a Q&A session with Martin and Nigel, who was the DNM Solution Architect on the project.

His presentation can be found here.

Martin cropped









After the break, Anthony Stanley from A Cloud Guru spoke about the following: What is Serverless? Does it mean no servers? What does it mean for operations? DevOps vs NoOps? When should you look at using a serverless approach over a traditional approach? Who is using this approach today?

Final Speaker

All in all, the evening was a great success with insights into how AWS is being used in the real world along with some new AWS release details!

We’re looking forward to the next one already. You can register at any time here.