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News and Events / February 16, 2017

AWS services

Our AWS customers range from companies who want to begin their Cloud journey and need guidance on how to do so, to organisations who already have an existing AWS environment that they want to optimise for enhanced performance. Either way, adhering to the AWS Well Architected framework, we can add value and help with business transformation.

When it comes to migrating to the Cloud, the mentality of ‘Not if. When’ has taken over. With organisations of all sizes, from start-up to enterprise moving to the Cloud, ensuring that solutions are designed and built in accordance with best practices is key to greatly improving business success. AWS have taken their years of experience doing just that to develop the AWS Well-Architected Framework.The AWS Well-Architected Framework is based on five pillars—security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and operational excellence.We work with customers every day to ensure that their cloud architecture is future proof so as their environment expands and grows, it is still optimised and running at peak performance.

Further reading: AWS whitepaper on Well Architected Framework

Contains a set of foundational questions that will allow you to measure your architecture against these best practices and to learn how to address any shortcomings.

With more and more customers moving to the AWS cloud, there is a larger requirement for partners to provide a streamlined approach to deploy workloads, and the secure and efficient management of these workloads within the AWS environment. DNM are providing a more simplified and consumer-centric service for our customers, providing them with actionable insights in terms of the operation and security of their AWS workloads. Our services range from monitoring the customer’s environment, to the running of comprehensive monthly AWS cloud infrastructure audits. These audits can provide details and recommendations in terms of cloud usage or security violations, tailored to your business needs, which in turn makes AWS work harder for you.AWS graphicWe are always looking for innovative ways to add business value to our customers through a unique combination of tools and expertise. Businesses are coming to us for guidance and best practices to enable availability, scalability and security of their production workloads. We offer them operational and security insights that is cutting their costs of up to 30-40%.
With more and more of our customers deploying new applications to the cloud, DNM have been redesigning and automating processes which enable our customers to deploy more efficiently to AWS. Our goal is to enable your teams to go faster whilst enabling them to deliver business and customer value constantly and consistently.DNM can make sure that you are getting the most from Devops principles and practices for your development and production platforms, while at the same time ensuring that it is integrated into your operational and management processes.Our Devops culture and principles:
  • Communicate and collaborate - work closely with our customers development and systems teams as part of an integrated, agile, project delivery and operations service
  • Automate everything - seek opportunities to integrate build, testing and promotion with your application development life cycle for both code, infrastructure and operations tools
  • Infrastructure as code - use a declarative approach to infrastructure, system software deployment, application deployment, metrics, logging, security controls, and backup managed with a revision control system
  • No ssh or RDP - not only does this reinforce the idea of automation, it also allows us to operate at scale
  • Standardise and repeat - development, test, production all built from the same code and infrastructure changes follow the same path as application changes
  • Alert on business service key performance indicators, not just infrastructure status
  • Use technology and tools that support (not hinder) dynamic platforms (both in terms of capacity and agility)
  • Change Management, Configuration Management, Testing, Incident Management - agility and speed doesn't mean management and control do not apply
We have had great success in this area where many of our customers have accelerated their speed to market, while at the same time delivering efficiency and reducing risks.

Resource: AWS Devops presentation  - Use cases, architecture and best practices

Whether you are new to AWS or exploring how to optimise your business results with cloud, our getting started Cloud Discovery Workshop will help you shape your journey into the cloud.Our services offer a structure to help organisations develop an efficient and effective plan for their cloud adoption journey. Guidance and best-practices used by our certified cloud architects can help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organisation, throughout your IT lifecycle.Get Started - Contact DNM to organise a workshop

Our perspectives represent top-level areas of focus spanning people, process, and technology. Components identify specific aspects within each perspective which require attention, while activities provide prescriptive guidance to help build actionable plans on your journey to design, build and operate in the cloud.

Resources - Example agendas for our Cloud Discovery Workshops