Our Analytics practice provides consultancy services enabling customers to transform their business through innovation, insight and analytics. Our core philosophy is to build on our successful delivery in the areas of Finance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Telecommunications, to find the best solution for our customers and to unlock strategic value from their organisations data. Our approach is simply to put the customer first, to understand them and to engage in an agile, collaborative process that is focused on providing value.

As a boutique international consultancy services company, we are business focused and agnostic from a technology perspective. We believe in having an impact and have assisted customers across various domains in transitioning from using their data in a reactive manner, to proactively using data as an asset to service their customers and grow their organisations.

  • Strategy

    We have a successful history of delivering innovative data solutions for customer on subjects including business intelligence, analytics, big data and information architecture. Our projects range from departmental point solutions to global implementations for large scale enterprises.

    Whether our customers are starting their project journey or wish to evaluate an existing implementation, we have a suite of strategic services to enable organisations expedite that journey.

    By leveraging the knowledge, experience and best practices from our previous engagements, our consultants have a proven methodology to support customers in taking an idea or business focus and developing it through to a tangible roadmap, which typically includes a customised combination of the following services:

    • Strategy Mapping
    • Master Data Services
    • Data Strategy
    • Metric and KPI definition
    • Solution architecture design
    • Investment recommendations
    • Budget, costing and licensing
  • Intelligence

    There are several different definitions of Business Intelligence. However, at its root, BI is simply the gathering and organising of data for access, analysis and exploration.

    BI supports the organisation to:

    • Transform data into information
    • Information into insight
    • Insight into decisions and actions

    Our Business Intelligence team has a mixture of both IT skills and business performance improvement expertise to ensure BI solutions are designed to provide tangible results and maximise return on investment.

    Our team of BI consultants can offer support at any of the 3 key stages of the Business Intelligence project. So whether you are starting your BI project or require support and expertise to execute a current project, DNM has the skills and experience to support you on your BI journey. Our technology partners are Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Tableau and Amazon Web Services.

  • Analytics

    Most successful Business Intelligence implementations provide the end users with the applications and tools to support the business in answering key questions, primarily focused on the “What happened?”

    With the successful roll out of dashboards with drill down and trending capabilities, a new culture has ensued, in which people in organisations are moving from using their data to ask ‘What happened’ to ‘Why it happened’ and ‘What would happen if…?’ The move to these more improvement oriented questions shows the maturity growth of an organisation, and requires more advanced analytical tools and techniques to aid in achieving their business objectives and ultimately improve performance.

    To support this organisational maturity, DNM have invested heavily in our Analytics capabilities. Our team of data scientists, Lean Six Sigma consultants and business analysts partner with our customers to design next generation Analytics solutions including key industry trends such as:

    • Self-service analytics
    • Data discovery
    • Data visualisation
    • Predictive analytics
    • Customer analytics
  • Big Data

    Many organisations are now planning to undertake a project related to big data, however we are finding that a majority of them have not yet developed a clear strategy to do so. Big data projects have unique challenges not only from a technology and infrastructure perspective, but also from a business and process perspective.

    As a result, many big data projects focus on the technology solution required to deliver large volumes of varied data sources but fail to tie the solution back to tangible business goals and objectives.

    DNM have supported many of our customers to design and deliver their big data and IoT projects. We work with your organisation to map out clearly the business value of your project and the critical steps required from a business and technology perspective to deliver these objectives. We work with a wide range of technologies including Kinesis, EMR(Amazon Map reduce), Redshift, Data Pipeline, Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, DynamoDB, Hive and Python.

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Our mission is to enable our customers to see clearer using innovative solutions, empowering them to act smarter.